Teenagers Under Ethanol Abuse

1. Negative Effects of Alcohol Advertisement through media

There are lots of alcoholic beverages advertisements that can be seen in different platform of media. Most of them uses celebrities and other popular personalities that are fantasize by many teenagers nowadays. Although the intention of those advertisements is to attract adult drinkers, it is not prevented that even the teenagers are getting curious about this beverages.

ETOH Abuse

Etoh abuse is one result of less guidance to those teenagers who have seen those alcohol advertisements. Because being in an adolescence stage is the most crucial part of molding somebody’s whole personality and character, teenagers can be easily influenced by those things as well as by their friends.

2. Statistical Record

Every year, the number of underage individuals that experience Etoh abuse is continuously increasing. According to the study of NSDUH or the National Survey on Drug Use and Health conducted last 2013, there are 31.1 percent of teenagers ages 15 years stated that they already have at least one drink in their entire lives. Parents got surprised about this study because they didn’t know actually that their child had already drunk an alcoholic beverage.

Moreover, there are around 8.7 million or 22.7 percent of teenagers have reported by drinking liquor in the past month. It is a ration of 22.5 percent of females and 23 percent of males. It is a very obvious sign that underage people are getting more and more prone to Etoh abuse. Parents must be aware of every activity that their children is doing to able to prevent them from the situation that can ruin their future and guide into a better and more beautiful life.
3. Knowing that your child is under Etoh Abuse

It is important to the parents to observe their children’s acts and behavior to determine if they are experiencing an abuse in terms of drinking alcoholic beverages.

Here are some of the symptoms that you can serve as a basis with regards to this matter:
You child’s school work has been declined. There is a great decrease of academic grades which is not his/her normal performance rating.
You child is often skipping school days and reasoning that they are too tired or even got sick.
You are observing mood changes. Some examples are they irritate so easily as well as crying without direct or visible reasons.
They are not anymore doing their previous activities such as sport and their hobbies.
They are having changes in terms of physical appearance and doing not usual style changes.
They seems like they have lost they motivation in life and in everyday living.
You noticed that your child is depressed and don’t have the mood to do happy things that he/she used to.
Your child is getting more and more aggressive and not following your orders as soon as possible.
You feel that your child is just not “right” (you know what this mean)
There is not wrong if you are going to observe your child even he/she has no tendency of doing such kind of activity. The important is, you are having a concern with your child and you want him/her to be prevented from those nonsense acts that can ruin their future. Etoh abuse is a serious case and it must be avoided and prevented as soon as possible. Protect your child, protect them from abuse.

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