ETOH Abuse In United States

Unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere, you are probably aware of the major moral crisis which surrounders a majority of youth around the world. When it comes to this kind of crisis, it does not matter which religion or culture principles a country stands for, and the only probable reason for that, is the fact that it is purely a personnel act .
And once again, the US takes the lead ! Especially considering etoh abuse.

Etoh Abuse

Etoh abuse for youth in the United States :

As it is mostly the case, youth are in little awareness when it comes to mental manipulation. They carelessly think of etoh abuse as an act of rebellion against social norms and rules, and even much more as a rejection of any kind of laws, giving no concern to the actual danger of death they are putting themselves into.
Even more vexatious is the fact that they consider etoh abuse as an efficient way of being popular among friends, even if it means putting their own health at stake.

Statistics of etoh abuse in the United States :

Since one of the first causes of moral loose is alcoholism, the statistics showed-and are still showing- the high rates of etoh abuse in American society.
According to statistics made in 2012, 51.3% of adults aged 18 years old were regular drinkers, and 12.9% were infrequent.
Other statistics showed that by the age of 15, more than 50 percent of teens have had at least 1 drink, and that most adolescents actually prefer drinking etoh from smoking cigarettes or using marijuana.

Psychological reasons of etoh abuse in the United States :

Regardless of how severe etoh abuse is as a social phenomenon, youth involved might still somehow be excused. Studies have shown that the most common reasons why youth often make such an act, are due to psychological accumulation they had faced during childhood which caused them low self-esteem, emotional distress and rage against society, which would all normally lead to exposure to negative « incidents » !

The consequences of etoh abuse :

Such a fact wouldn’t of course exist without any consequences. How would it be if etoh abuse causes problems of all kinds imagined !

1. Health consequences :

Health consequences include : Cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, colon, liver and breast, high blood alcohol levels that suppress the central nervous system and can cause loss of consciousness, low blood pressure and body temperature, coma, respiratory depression, or death.

2. Social consequences :

Etoh abuse risks to causing social problems such as unemployment, lost productivity, and family problems.
Add to that the total annual traffic fatalities in the United States which was around 350,000 in 2009 .It all contributes in the 88,000 deaths of excessive alcohol use each year!

3. Economic consequences :

On one hand, alcohol problems cost the United States $224 billion each year, primarily from lost productivity but also from health care and property damage. These issues affect all Americans, whether they drink or not. On the other hand, since youth are the shareholders of employments in variable fields, it is always an issue when this segment of society is facing bad health conditions, as it-in an indirect way- destabilizes the economic stability by effecting the labor conditions !

Solutions suggested :

Despite how difficult it would seem for an alcoholic to get his/her life back on track, it is still not impossible to do it ! a person might waste a whole life in a huge shell of bad habits, but once he/she decides to make a change, all that matters is the first step ! But other than the alcoholic’s personnal responsability of coming to the realization that he/she has a drinking problem, the family’s role in supporting is just as important. For a family has always the ability of facilating the most difficult obstacles.

An alcoholic only has to keep in mind that the more motivated a person is to get treatment for alcohol abuse, the better the chances are for him/her to remain sober.

Summing up, etoh abuse is one of the major problems American society is daily facing, and that is only one proof that the globally ruling country is no exception when it comes to moral issues !

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