Effects of Alcohol on the Brain

Alcohol intake can probably cause a lot of bad effects in the human brain. Alcohol, when taken too much, can bring a lot more of effects that you’ve never expected. The human brain plays a very significant role for the functionality of our body. It’s the one responsible for each and every function of the body. It serves as the main controller of the human body to keep it functional on a daily basis. Without having a functional brain, you’ll seem to be nothing but a dead body. As with the alcohol intake, this one contributes a lot more of the bad effect for the human brains and keeping it as a habit can be fatal in the end.

Effects of Alcohol on the Brain

Alcohol intake, aside from having systematic effect in the human body, has also a big impact in the human brain. Etoh abuse can lead to effects that most cases lead into death. Below are some of the effects that you can get when taking it without control.

Alcohol’s acute effect in the human brain

Etoh abuse can bring numerous acute changes on the person’s behavior as well as the mental function. The acute effects that alcohol brings include slurred speech, coordination loss, blurred vision, memory loss (short term), and even experiencing the reaction time to go slower. Since alcohol intake has depressive effect with the human brain medulla, that controls the automatic body functional like breathing and heartbeat, the occurrence of death and comma is expected. Alcohol intake can also cause some of the behavioral changes like impaired judgment and increased talkativeness.

Chemical changes that human brain gets from Etoh abuse

Alcohol intake has a numerous effect with the cognitive function of the brains because it affect human brains multiple neurotransmitters. Below are some of the effects that alcohol can bring along with human brains neurotransmitter pathways:

• Increase in dopamine level
– This effect can leads to talkativeness, giddiness and excitability

• Glutamate impairment
– The primary cause of memory formation and coordination difficulties

• Increase in endorphin level
– This one can cause pain threshold increase and euphoria.

• Enhancement of Gamma-amino-butyric acid (GABA)
– This effect can cause to the activity enhancement of neurotransmitter GABA in brain that depresses that neural activity which leads to calmness, reduced anxiety and sleepiness.

Etoh abuse absolutely has a severe and dangerous effect to human brain. Due to the multiple effect of the chemical pathways that it brings with the human brains, it can probably cause extensive damage on the physical and the mental capabilities of a person. Even though selected capabilities can still be recovered through rehabilitation and alcohol avoidance, other effects are still irreversible.

The human brain is an essential part of the body. It’s a delicate yet a powerful instrument that needs a lot of care. It’s advisable for human to make necessary moves to keep it protected from the bead effect of etoh abuse. To keep your life going, taking care of the ones that keep you alive is the most important things that you should do. If you do so, good effects will absolutely come to your way.

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