Alcohol Abuse vs Dependence

Understanding the factors of why a person is so addicted in drinking alcohol, there are factors that the person who are under the influence of alcohol or called etoh abuse is having depression from its family problem, relationship problems, mentally stressed etc. that may the possible cause of being alcoholism. Dependence and alcohol abuse is one of the most serious problems for hundreds or even millions of adults around the world. Moderation of drinking alcohol is not a problem but the problem of abusive alcohol intake can cause harmful effects to the human body specially organs that are sensitive.

Etoh Abuse

One of the serious harmful effects of being etoh abuse that it targets the liver, the liver has the special task to filter toxic whenever the person eat and drink. Under the influence of alcohol, liver can affect its function and tends to malfunction, the tendency of having liver failure and causes of death. There are still harmful effects under the influence of alcohol and executes dangerous manner or unhealthy being in dated of time. Alcohol abuse or etoh abuse are just the same level in dependence or called addiction. Obsession of alcohol tends in increase in rates mostly by the men than women; dependence has the relation in alcohol abuse.

An individual under the influence of alcohol can affect their behavioral attitude that has the negative reaction on their health, work and relationship. Even in the family bloodline can affect the relationship if they have a member of having alcoholic abuse. Etoh abuse is very common displayed in mental behavior such as, drinking liquor in violent situations, impact on job, legal issues related with drinking, failure to encounter responsibilities at school or home. Alcohol abuser has the capability to limit or control its drinking habit, which defines it from a dependent alcohol person.

There are legal issues of understanding that etoh abusers have high risk in their behaviors, which is difficult from them to help some support. There are impacts of abusing alcohol to their health issues, which can cause serious problems; the health issues may direct impact in liver damage, sexual dysfunction, neurological damage, sexually conveyed disease and alcohol poisoning. Not only health or problem issue why alcohol abuser cannot remove drinking habitat but also because on its brain cells. Under influence of alcohol can also affects its thinking that damage its brain cells to continue in pursuing drinking alcohol.

Alcoholism is also in level of alcohol dependency that defines as mental or physical dependency on alcohol that includes high rate of tolerance in liquor. Alcohol addiction considered as a chronic disease that can be violet and having progressive symptoms. The symptoms that describes the disease are loss of mechanism, craving, physical dependence and tolerance. It relates for being alcohol abuse but being dependence considered as having high level in tolerance. Tolerance that is more violent having liver disease, heart disease, brain disease and or cancer. Particularly, cancer is high to the persons who are liquor dependent.

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